Tuesday 8 March 2016

Cracks Appear In Police Scotland - Part 2

Further to my previous post regarding Detective Superintendent Brenda Smith making a complaint against her senior officer Chief Superintendent Ricky Mason over the spying scandal (and causing cracks to start to appear in untrustworthy Police Scotland's normally corrupt united front), I've made some more enquiries and it looks like this could go a number of different ways:

1. Detective Superintendent Smith's decision to break away from Police Scotland's usual culture of covering up for each other could very well encourage other officers to do the same. As soon as their corrupt united front starts to fall apart, the truth may come out as we see other officers of Police Scotland start to fall over themselves to try and distance themselves from their guilty colleagues. It'll start a war culminating in a blame game where they all squeal like pigs to try and save their own skins. And the truth will out.

2. Detective Superintendent Smith will be 'encouraged' to drop her complaint against the senior officer - or else.

3. Police Scotland's useless Professional Standards Department will conduct an investigation in to DS Smith's allegations. But it'll be their usual whitewash type of investigation  - you know, the one where they send a token report to their friends in the corrupt Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service who they know will, in turn, use one of their two well-worn standard get-out phrases to protect the more senior officer (in case you don't know, the two get-out phrases are 'not in the public interest' and 'insufficient evidence in law'). So when the Crown office 'decide' not to take any action, the matter is effectively buried for good. P.S. My money is on this being the most likely scenario.

4. DS Smith will be hounded out of her job in Police Scotland. Even if they can't find a reason to sack her, they will make life so difficult for her that she will have no choice but to resign. They'll make it impossible for her to work in Police Scotland. In doing so senior officers will send a strong message to any other officer who thinks he or she might just break ranks and tell the truth - honest officers must be discouraged from revealing the truth at all costs. And DS Smith's career is seen as a normal cost of doing business. Welcome to doing business the untrustworthy Police Scotland way.

No matter the outcome though, DS Smith's career is finished.

Her promotion prospects are sub zero. Any one of the four scenarios I've described above will ultimately result in her title going from Detective Superintendent to former Detective Superintendent. Guaranteed.

I'm watching this case unravel with great interest and so should every member of the Scottish public.

Because this case strikes at the very heart of justice, truth, and honesty in our police force and how the top dogs in Police Scotland respond when an honest copper tries to stand up for what's right against the backdrop of the corruption all around him or her.

Now, I have no way of knowing at this juncture whether Detective Superintendent Brenda Smith is an honest copper looking to expose the truth or whether she's a shrewd cookie who has anticipated the excrement is about to hit the ventilator and is just trying to distance herself from it all to save her own skin.

Either way though, we do know that whatever is going on in this Police Scotland spying scandal, things are certainly not the way they're telling us.

To be continued. Watch this space...