Wednesday 23 March 2016

Corrupt Police Scotland Profesional Standards Department

My heart absolutely goes out to the father of missing man Allan Bryant. All he wants is for Police Scotland to properly investigate the disappearance of his son.

Instead he has been fobbed off with excuses and bluster.

Now Mr Bryant has done what we, the public, are supposed to do when we catch police acting corruptly - he has opened a complaint with Police Scotland's Professional Standards Department (who investigate all complaints in to wrong-doing by police).

Little does he know his complaint will fall on deaf ears.

I know because I have experience in dealing with Police Professional Standards Department - I know the corrupt way they work. They are nothing more than apologists for their buddies in the Police.

Put simply, it's the police investigating the police - they exist to deflect complaints from their colleagues rather than properly investigate them.

Put bluntly, they cover up to protect their guilty colleagues.

Mr Bryant will get nowhere with the motley crew from Police Scotland's Professional Standards Department.

I can see from Mr Bryant's comments in 'The Courier' (link at the bottom) that there are stark similarities to how Professional Standards are treating him with the way they treated me when I complained to them.

And that makes me very, very angry about Mr Bryant's situation.

Mr Bryant's comments, quoted in 'The Courier' pretty much tell me that Professional Standards have managed to successfully pull the wool over his eyes with their first 'trick' which is to gain the trust of the complainer.

Mr Bryant has described his meeting with Professional Standards as "the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do" and "it was so stressful but the officers were very professional and took everything we said seriously" and "they picked up everything that we told them and now it is just a matter of time and waiting for us to be contacted again"

This tells me that Professional Standards have roped him in good and proper and are now about to con him in the same way they conned me.

You see, from my experience with Police Professional Standards Department, they are very skilled in convincing members of the public that they are taking your complaints against their fellow police officers very seriously. But in reality they only serve to do everything they can to let their fellow police officers off the hook.

Any so-called investigations they conduct are geared towards finding reasons NOT to prosecute the corrupt officers you're complaining about. Professional Standards Department is all about protecting their colleagues.

So trick number one is to interview you and make you feel that they are on your side and will weed out all those 'baddies' in the police force you're complaining about. But in reality, they have no such intention.

The next trick they perform is to get you to make more than one complaint (or if you only have one complaint, try to split it in to a number of different parts).

They pretend that they are your knights in shining armour and they are going to help you solve ALL the various problems you've been having with the numerous police officers you've dealt with - a one-stop complaints shop as it were. You see, they know that by the time you get a complaint as far as the Professional Standards Department you've most likely already had the runaround from quite a few different police officers in various departments over a period of time - so you usually have a number of related complaints, not just the one.

Getting multiple complaints or splitting one complaint in to many parts is absolutely essential to making the next part of their con trick work.

And now this is where Professional Standards get really sneaky...

You see, by gaining your trust and getting you to list a number of separate, albeit related, complaints, they can investigate the ones they want to investigate (and conclude that there's no basis for your complaints and reject them) while, at the same time, 'bury' the other complaints that they don't want to investigate (in order to protect their colleagues).

See how it all works now?

Here's my personal, real world, example.

The officer I dealt with in the police Professional Standards Department was an Inspector by the name of Inspector Colin Wylie.

He convinced me that he was one of those untouchable Elliot Ness types - a trustworthy truth seeker and just the man to take these terrible corrupt police officers to task. I was impressed. I thought he was a serious Professional Standards guy.

But he was not serious, he was not professional, his standards were sorely lacking, and he did not do what he promised to do (which is why my heart sank when I heard Mr Bryant say that the Professional Standards Department officers "were very professional and took everything we said seriously").

The sweet-talking Inspector Wylie said he would deal with ALL the problems I had been having and that I should tell him everything from start to finish, the whole story, every problem, every issue, everything that had happened, everything that I was unhappy with, and he'd deal with the lot.

He took a note of ALL my complaints, not just the complaints I had against police officers. He said he'd look in to every one of them and get back to me.

But he didn't.

I had to chase him up, and more than once.

When he eventually did get back to me, he had completely omitted (i.e. buried) one of the main complaints I had given to him (which is why my heart sank when Mr Bryant said "they picked up everything that we told them and now it is just a matter of time and waiting for us to be contacted again").

The complaint Inspector Colin Wylie 'buried' and didn't want investigated was a complaint that my ex girlfriend, Ms Mhairi McAdam, had lied to police in a false statement she gave to them at Bellshill police station. I had documentary proof that she had told quite a number of lies to police in her signed, witnessed, and dated false statement.

Her false statement and the false accusations therein had caused me to be arrested and thrown in to jail for 3 days. I lost my liberty because of her lies to police. The consequences of her actions could not have been more serious. Inspector Wylie knew this.

I know that the police professional standards department is designed specifically to investigate complaints about police officers rather than members of the public, so it seemed perfectly plausible when Inspector Wylie informed me that he would speak to his superiors about the 'false statement' part of my complaint and pass that particular complaint to his colleagues in another department to investigate.

But Inspector Colin Wylie lied.

He did not pass this part of my complaint on to anyone else. He ignored it completely. He 'buried' it. (*Side Note - astonishingly, Inspector Wylie claimed on the telephone to me some months later that he had never promised any such thing to me - oh dear, liar liar pants on fire Inspector Wylie)!

So why did he ignore this particular complaint?

Simple really.

You see, the false statement my false accuser gave to police resulted in me being arrested and Inspector Wylie hoped that the arrest would eventually result in a conviction when it got to court. So to save himself time and a bit of work, all Inspector Wylie reckoned he had to do was sit on this particular complaint and wait for me to be found guilty in court and then, well, I would have little or no case for going much further with that complaint.

But....when it did go to court, I won.

The Sheriff threw the case out.

At long last it was official. I had done absolutely nothing wrong and was completely innocent of all charges - my ex girlfriend was a false accuser.

This was all bad news for Inspector Wylie of course. He didn't expect that to happen.

As you are probably already aware, police like to close ranks and arrogantly stick like glue to wrong decisions they make. Even after it becomes glaringly obvious that they got things wrong, they hate to admit they were wrong. It opens them up to being criticised, being sued, there's a loss of public confidence in what they do etc, all that sort of stuff.

So despite me having done absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever and completely cleared of ALL charges made against me by a false accuser who made a false statement to police just to have me arrested, charged, thrown in a jail cell, and cause me trouble, my false accuser has NEVER been arrested and charged herself by police for the false accusation she made against me and the false statement she gave to them.

Inspector Wylie has made sure of that.

Also, to date, police have NEVER come to collect the evidence from me that shows the shocking extent of the lies my false accuser told on her statement.

That's why I know that it's absolutely impossible that police have properly and fully investigated the complaint I made against her.

Inspector Wylie 'buried' my complaint because he took a punt that I would be found guilty in court later on. Pure and simple. And now that it has all gone pear-shaped for him and it turns out I was actually the victim, this matter needs to be 'buried' more than ever before because my win in court now exposes the fact that his police colleagues failed to check my false accusers story and wrongly acted on the false statement she made to them. In short, they arrested an innocent man and deprived him of his liberty - not a good outcome for police at all.

His police buddies would have really been dragged over the coals for failing to check the truth and the facts in the false accusers statement before jumping the gun and rushing to arrest. So in order to protect his police colleagues (and himself) Inspector Wylie made sure my complaint got 'buried'.

It remains 'buried' to this day.

Meanwhile the false accuser goes free.

There can be nothing worse in society than an innocent man losing his liberty at the hands of corrupt and incompetent police officers. Inspector Colin Wylie ignored this complaint I made to Professional Standards in order to protect his corrupt police colleagues and even had the cheek to, afterwards, deny he ever said he would send someone to investigate this particular matter.

Police professional standards department have no shame.

So, as you can see, my heart goes out to the father of the missing man Allan Bryant. He is being conned, just as I was, by the the rogues in Police Scotland's Professional Standards Department.

The only expertise he'll see from this lot are the expertise they have at sweeping things they don't want to investigate under the carpet.

Sadly, for Allan Bryant's family, I already know how this one's gonna turn out.