Saturday 12 March 2016

Collaboration And Trust Is NOT Always A Good Thing

The relationship between Police Scotland and the Scottish Police Authority has been not always been a happy one.

On occasions the relationship has been very good, very close. That's been a bad thing.

In recent years it hasn't been so cosy, it's been rather frosty. And that's been a good thing.

New chief constable of Police Scotland Philip 'Gormless' has told the Scottish parliament that he intends to cultivate a better relationship with the SPA than in recent times.

According to Uncle Phil, his approach to the SPA will be all about "collaboration and trust".

He continues by saying, "I have no interest in exchanging formal letters with the chairman, I think the relationship needs to be predicated on trust and transparency."

This is bad.

You see, I personally fell victim to the 'close relationship' the SPA had with untrustworthy Police Scotland.

The SPA are supposed to hold Police Scotland to account. But they simply can't do that while they are tucked up in bed together.

So Phil Gormley MUST exchange formal letters with the chairman of the SPA and the chairman MUST NOT trust Phil Gormley.

If the relationship between the SPA and Police Scotland ever becomes 'close' again, I know I'll be the first to find myself in a jail cell again due to their collusion.

I have many enemies in Police Scotland and the Crown office. As long as there are still ex procurator fiscals, ex police officers, and ex councillors connected to the SPA I still have enemies in the SPA. And if untrustworthy Police Scotland know the SPA will not hold them to account, I can expect a loud knock on my door from corrupt Police Scotland officers (again). Guaranteed.

The connections between the SPA and Police Scotland have been dangerously incestuous for a very long time.

It's all fine when they don't see eye to eye because when they are in conflict with each other we, the public, have a chance that the SPA will hold Police Scotland properly to account.

But when they start to cosy up to each other (as they were doing at the time of my false arrest in 2012/2013) you just know that even more corruption and injustice is just around the corner for all.

And you can rest assured that I won't be the only innocent member of the public who will fall victim of their closer relationship of so-called "collaboration and trust".