Sunday 6 March 2016

A New Low, Even For Glasgow City Council

There's only one thing I can think of worse than cutting funding to needy charities. And that's trying to claw back thousands of pounds you have already given to charities.

It's akin to stealing the bread from the mouths of the most needy in the community and, well, in my book, it comes pretty low in my list of despicable.

But that's exactly what Glasgow City Council are considering doing with the Integrated Grant Fund.

In case you don't know what the Integrated Grant Fund is, it provides grant funding to organisations to deliver high quality and much needed services to the citizens of Glasgow. The reason I've put that last sentence in italics is because they are Glasgow City Councils words, not mine (see

Opposition councillor Susan Aitken said “Community organisations provide preventative services and support that save the council and the wider public sector incalculable amounts of money".

She's correct, and it's not just false economy to cut this funding Susan, it's also plain wrong to do this to charities.

I've had experience of Glasgow Crooked City Council and the shabby way they treat charities who try to support the most vulnerable people in our society.

As an entertainer, I used to sing and play keyboards for a Multiple Sclerosis group in Glasgow every Christmas. They were wonderful evenings and I gave my time and my services for free as did everyone involved.

One Christmas I turned up with my keyboards, speakers, and musical equipment ready to entertain - only to find the audience had drastically reduced in numbers to just a handful of MS people.

Turns out that in previous years Glasgow City Council had provided them with a bus to transport them to and from the evening. But due to cut-backs, the bus had been withdrawn this year - so MS sufferers were left to make their own way to the event. Many of them couldn't. A not so merry Christmas from the scrooges at GCC.

Now I don't know about you, but I refuse to believe that the cost of hiring ONE bus, just ONCE a year, for ONE evening, will break the bank at Glasgow City Council.

It annoys me when I see the millions of pounds Glasgow City Council squander every year. It seems councillors only take their noses out of the trough long enough to jet off on their jolly jaunts...and then stick them back in to the trough the minute they get back.

But what sticks in my throat more than anything is when I see the exorbitant amount of money these arrogant councillors spend on taxis - usually to ferry them to meetings around Glasgow - when they could probably walk there quicker.

For crying out loud, it's ONE bus, ONCE a year, ONE evening, for people with Multiple Sclerosis - and they refuse it.

They sicken me.