Wednesday 10 February 2016

Who Do Glasgow City Council Work For Again?

Residents of Kelvingrove in Glasgow should be applauded.

They have spent 20 years transforming a piece of neglected wasteland in to a community park. They have planted seeds, renovated buildings, and built tree houses, to make it in to a lovely place the whole community can enjoy.

Well done all of you.

Those same residents are also voters and, as such, elect councillors to their local council - Glasgow City Council - to represent them.

So what are those councillors doing for the people of Kelvingrove at the moment?

Flying the flag for the community's wonderful efforts?

Hailing them as a beacon of community spirit?

Supporting them by maybe giving them some left over bits n bobs from the parks department?

Eh, no.

Instead Glasgow Crooked City Council have threatened the community with legal action and are sending the bulldozers in to make way for privately owned developers to build on the land.

I'm confused.

We, the public, elect councillors to represent us and work for our benefit - that's why they are called 'public representatives'.

So when we, the public, tell them we want a bit of green space in our community (and we're willing to work, create, and pay for it ourselves), why would our elected representatives who we sent to Glasgow City Council to represent us, ignore our wishes and instead take a decision to destroy that community park and threaten the constituents with legal action?

In other words, why would Glasgow City Councillors choose to give their support to a multi-million pound property company rather than their constituents?

I can't think why, can you?