Saturday 6 February 2016

Upside Down Cake Anyone?

The calls for untrustworthy Police Scotland to change their stop and search culture continues.

Hardly a day passes by where there isn't someone somewhere frustratingly trying to encourage Police Scotland to change their wicked ways.

It always falls on deaf ears.

Because the real issue is the fact that police officers in Scotland genuinely seem to feel it's entirely acceptable to stop and search members of the public in order to achieve targets. They see it as just part of their job - it's just 'they way we've always done things'. They don't think about whether it's actually right or fair.

Police don't seem to 'get' that they should exist to help the public, support the public, and keep the public safe.

Police do not exist in order to target the public and try to make them in to criminals in as large numbers as possible.

So how the hell did our whole police force end up operating upside down?

Well, somewhere along the line, rank and file police officers consciously or unconsciously began serving their political masters instead of the public.

And although many rank and file police officers didn't notice this reversal creeping in (because their masters introduced it slowly), it certainly didn't happen by accident. It's been by design all along.

Those higher up in Police Scotland have known for years that their first priority (to the public) needed to change drastically if they are to protect themselves, their jobs, and their generous pensions. Police are human beings and are just as greedy as other human beings out there.

So, over the years, the public eventually found themselves viewed as fair game by the police.

Don't believe me? Next time you see a police car in your rear view mirror ask yourself whether it makes you feel safe - or whether it makes you feel intimidated. That'll give you your answer.

The corruption at Police Scotland, egged on and encouraged by their colleagues in the Crown office, is only going to get worse so long as rank and file officers don't even know they're being corrupt and blindly accept it all as being just part of the job.

Get used to it. It ain't gonna change any time soon.