Friday 12 February 2016

The Free Police Force

The home secretary Theresa May has called on the public to help police with investigations in to cybercrime.

Strange thing is the police already have an army of public volunteers to help them, including thousands of special constables. So why would she want even more members of the public to get involved with helping police?

The answer is obvious.

Cheap labour.

And cheap labour doesn't come any cheaper than free.

She's cutting police budgets all over the country and is looking for a bit of free labour to take up the slack.

However I agree with idea - but not for the reasons the home secretary thinks.

You see, the more members of the public who get involved with police, the more they'll see the unjust way the police operate and the corrupt things they do.

Good, honest, decent, members of the public who would not normally have any interaction with the police will see the way our police officers behave - and they'll be shocked.

They'll then talk loudly about our broken justice system and hopefully encourage other members of the public to join them in calls to demand a complete overhaul to fix it.