Saturday 20 February 2016

The Coin With Many Sides

Yet again we find Police Scotland have been bending the truth to suit themselves.

In May of this year a Fatal Accident Inquiry at Paisley Sheriff Court will be held to determine the circumstances surrounding the death of 25 year old Antony Storrie from Paisley.

On the face of it there is nothing out of the ordinary about this case albeit the loss of this young man's life has been devastating to his family and they rightly need closure on exactly how and why he died. Any of us would.

From what we know so far, Antony had taken a 'legal high' before police officers arrived at his home and the speculation is that this is what caused his death - the fatal accident enquiry will hopefully determine this (by the way, as an aside, the legal high he took has now been banned so that's good).

So why is their a question mark hanging over Police Scotland in all of this?

Well, Antony was detained and arrested by police officers when they came to his house. In other words, Antony Storrie was in police custody when he died. This shouldn't really be an issue because from what we understand it was the legal high which killed Antony.

The problem is that police failed to mention at the time that he had been arrested shortly before his death.

They didn't want it known that he died while in police custody.

This is typical of what we've come to expect from untrustworthy Police Scotland.

If they're not 'talking up' incidents to make them look more serious than they really are, they're playing down their involvement in incidents when it suits them to hide things from us.

The police like to tell us how they are merely reporters - they get called to incidents and they then report what they find (to the Procurator Fiscal).

What they don't tell us is whether they report things honestly - or whether they just report what suits them to report.