Thursday 25 February 2016

Sleaze, Money, And The Old Pals Acts - It Must be Glasgow City Council

There's been a bit of controversy over Frank McAveety giving the city treasurer job at Glasgow City Council to Councillor/Bailie Philip Braat.

The Evening Times newspaper interviewed a councillor who asked not to be named (because they've all been warned by the whip not to comment). She was directly quoted as saying that:

A deal on Phil (Braat) was done by Frank (McAveety) back in September in return for votes when he ran for leader.” (see article).

So the old pals act would appear to be alive and well in Glasgow Crooked City Council.

What a surprise (not)!

In case you don't know who Frank McAveety and Philip Braat are, let me remind you.

Frank McAveety is the councillor who got caught ogling a 15 year old schoolgirl at the Scottish Parliament (see article).

Philip Braat is the councillor who, despite being accused by a married woman of stalking her and a report on him being sent to the procurator fiscal, was NEVER even so much as interviewed by Police about it (and in an interesting and no doubt completely unrelated fact, Braat just happened to be head of the Strathclyde Police Authority at the time - see article).

The headline in The Herald Scotland reads "Glasgow Labour councillors hit with gagging order over Women 5050 row'. The full story makes for interesting reading.

I've also got a sneaking feeling when people see the words 'Frank McAveety', 'Philp Braat', 'women' and 'gagging' appearing in the same story there's gonna be plenty folks out there making up their own jokes.

Me? I wouldn't dream of it.