Monday 15 February 2016

Ronnie Liddle Needs To Come Clean

Ronnie Liddle is a top cop. He used to be the head of the CID down at Lothian and Borders Police. Then, in 2012, he went on to lead counter-terrorism in Scotland.

Not a bad CV. I'm impressed

Except he's leaving a wee something off his CV that Ronnie doesn't want you to know.

You see shortly after that, Ronnie Liddle was seconded to the Met’s Counter Terrorism Intelligence Unit (CTIU). For some reason, and I can't think why, Ronnie would like to keep that quiet.

Strange eh?

I wonder, just wonder, if it may be because his job with the CTIU involved working with police officers who spied on protest groups in Britain​? The same protest groups who undercover police infiltrated and had sex with members to gain intelligence perhaps?

Come on, come clean Ronnie.

We're not suggesting you personally infiltrated the groups and had sex with women demonstrators to get intelligence from them. We just want to know if you knew other officers were doing it and whether you condoned it and allowed it to take place?

Surely it's not too much to ask a top cop to just be honest with us, is it?