Tuesday 23 February 2016

MUST SEE! This Is How COPFS Treat Innocent Members Of The Public

Apologies if you're in the middle of eating at the moment, but please, please take a look at the disgusting pictures at the bottom of this post and remember them.

These pictures are not from the movie Midnight Express, nor are they from Abu Ghraib prison, Guantanamo bay, or some other poor third world hovel.

Nope, these pics are from the 'state of the art' 21st century Glasgow Sheriff Court, courtesy of Her Majesty's Inspectorate Of Prisons who, all kudos to them, called them degrading, inhumane and filthy.

Now, if this was where we were keeping convicted murderers, rapists, monstrous criminals, or the dregs of humanity you could perhaps be forgiven for saying hell mend 'em.

But it's not.

This is where our Crown office hold INNOCENT men and women before they appear before the Sheriff.

That's right folks, in case you forgot, you are INNOCENT until proven guilty in this country - so until you appear before a Sheriff you are INNOCENT.

And this is the holding cells where the Crown office put all those INNOCENT men and women. Wanna spend a penny? This is the filthy place where you are expected to do it - and in front of all the others who happen to be in the holding cell with you at the time.

So why would our Crown office put INNOCENT members of the Scottish public in such a disgusting place like this?

Simple answer. The Crown office and Procurator Fiscals are corrupt. They believe everyone to be guilty until proven innocent - it's completely flies in the face of justice but it's how they work. The very fact that you have been charged with something, anything, is a presumption of guilt in the eyes of the motley crew known as 'The Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service'.

The COPFS operate in a manner that goes against everything that is just, honest, fair and decent in our society. What makes it worse is that this corrupt lot claim to be a public body working on our behalf, in the public interest, for our benefit.

Let me make one thing absolutely clear. Before members of the public go in front of a Sheriff they are every bit as innocent as the Procurator Fiscal, the Sheriff, the Court Clerk, the Solicitors and everyone else in that court room.

Yet the Crown office treat you, the innocent member of the public, completely differently.

Rest assured, if Procurator Fiscals need to spend a penny you definitely won't see them parking their bum in the same place they expect you to park your innocent bum. Equality only works one way in the world of the COPFS.

So take a look at the pics below and remember your place - and don't forget to doff your cap the next time you meet the PF.