Sunday 7 February 2016

Mel Gibson Gets It Wrong

Thank goodness we live in a democracy where we, the public, can go to a polling booth and choose our members of the Scottish parliament to represent us and run our country for our benefit.

Thanks goodness that when Police Scotland break the law, our elected MSP's, acting on our behalf and for our benefit, can call them in to explain themselves and hold police to account.

Except they can't.

Untrustworthy Police Scotland have refused a FOURTH invitation to appear before a committee of MSP's to explain themselves over the spying scandal.

Looks like we waved goodbye to democracy a long time ago in Scotland.

And if living in a police state is where the police can break the law and do what they like to the public and we have no come-back against them, then the only conclusion can be that we're living in a police state here in Scotland, or at the very least some sort of convoluted version of one.

Think about this for a moment dear readers:

Do we, the Scottish public, fear the police...or do the police fear us?

Your answer will tell you whether we live in a democracy or a tyranny.

Someone please call Mel Gibson and tell him he got it wrong.

It would seem they can take our freedom after all.