Tuesday 23 February 2016

Crown Office CBE For Sale?

The Crown agent and chief executive Catherine Dyer has announced her retirement - just weeks after she received her CBE.


Probably - if you believe in coincidences.

But I do know that time will tell.

Which is why I've opened a 'book' to take bets on whether we'll see Ms Dyer walking out of the COPFS office next month in a blaze of glory with Jim McColl on one arm and Carole Baxter on the other and a copy of The Beechgrove Garden Annual popping out the top of her handbag.


Whether she'll slip quietly out the back door, gripping her newly acquired CBE in her hand, ready to hang it on to the letterhead of the nearest organisation who'll pay her an exorbitant amount of money for her 'expertise'.

Anyone fancy a wee punt on it?

PS - to those procurator fiscals reading this blog (and my web stats show that you do ;-)) please be aware that when I say I've opened a 'book' to take bets on this, I am of course joking. I haven't - I don't gamble myself, I don't condone it, I do not have a gambling licence, and there isn't actually any 'book' nor does there exist any betting mechanism anywhere to place wagers on this matter. This whole post is satirical comment on public officials who say they are going to 'retire' then sell themselves off to the highest bidder and...oh, what's the point...ok Mr PF, just send your lackeys from Police Scotland to arrest me for running an illegal gambling racket and I'll tell it to the Sheriff instead. Hey, it'll give me something else to write about later.