Tuesday 2 February 2016

Corruption? What Corruption?

At last the Counter Corruption Unit of Police Scotland which investigates corruption in the police is being put under review.

Hurray. About time too.

Heading the review is a man called Stephen Whitelock.

So who is he?

A judge maybe?

Perhaps one of the PIRC 'high heid yins'?

Emm, no.

He's a former detective...

...who was in joint charge of the Strathclyde CID from 2005 to 2008 which presided over the botched Emma Caldwell murder enquiry AND previously worked with four of the officers who illegally spied on journalists ...

The phrase 'up to his neck in it' springs to mind.

You can sympathise with Police Scotland in some way I suppose. After all it must be nigh impossible to try and find one single honest officer in their organisation who isn't mired in some sort of scandal, corruption, and controversy.

Nevertheless, with these types of people in charge of 'investigations' there's no prizes for guessing how this is all gonna work out and to who's benefit.