Monday 29 February 2016

Consider This The Next Time Police Scotland Stop You In Your Car

The BBC have discovered that Police Scotland spent £350,000 over a three year period paying out compensation to members of the public. And it was all due to motor accidents police drivers caused.

Of course the BBC didn't just get this info handed to them on a plate. As you would expect with untrustworthy Police Scotland, the BBC had to fight for the info by filing a freedom of information request - then waiting seven months for it to be granted.

Never the less, the figures are now in and they make shocking reading.

The compensation police paid out was for, among other things, police officers hitting a cyclist, hitting a pedestrian, hitting a wall, hitting a parked car, running a red light and causing a collision, and rolling in to a third party vehicle.

Tut tut, shame on you Police Scotland

Therefore, I, as a careful driver with a full no-claims bonus intact for many years, hereby give some advice to Police Scotland patrol car drivers.

A motor vehicle can be a very dangerous thing. In the wrong hands it can be lethal. Careful and considerate driving at all times will help prevent accidents. Adhering to road warning signs, staying alert, and observing speed limits can avoid fatalities.

Oops sorry, I've got that the wrong way round - that's actually what the condescending hypocrites at Police Scotland usually say to us about our driving.