Monday 22 February 2016

Anything To Declare, Such As Watching TV?

Police stopped a holidaymaker at Edinburgh airport on the way back from her holiday in Holland.

So what was this criminal mastermind up to? Smuggling stolen diamonds, illegal drugs, x-rated porn, or even bringing a bunch of tulips from that seedy den of inequity we call Amsterdam?

Emm, no.

Police Scotland stopped her in the arrivals hall and claimed she hadn't paid her TV licence - and threatened to throw her in jail unless she paid them £55 immediately.

Only problem was, untrustworthy Police Scotland had got it completely wrong.

She didn't owe TV licensing money at all.

Police Scotland are so incompetent they don't know who owes fines and who doesn't. They are so lazy and inefficient that when they do get it right (a rare occasion), instead of turning up at the culprits house to collect the fine like they should, they prefer to sit on their backside eating doughnuts and expect a biometric passport machine at Edinburgh airport to do all the work for them.

Ultimately, Policing in Scotland these days is all about extorting money from the public - whether it be from targeting the public and making them in to criminals for the most minor of things or police acting as debt collectors for their corporate masters.

There has been considerable debate in the press in recent years about how well (or not) our police protect our borders.

So ain't it good to know that while terrorist are trying to kill hundreds of members of the public by driving jeeps full of explosives in to Glasgow Airport, our bold boys in blue are busy over at Edinburgh airport checking on people who haven't paid their TV licence - and even getting that wrong.

Comforting indeed.