Saturday 27 February 2016

An Apology To Sir Stephen House

It seems I may have got my opinion of Sir Stephen House a little bit wrong.

As regular readers will know, I refer to him in this blog as Sir Stephen 'I've got an ego as big as a' House.

I have also called him a menace in a uniform (see post) and a pathetic individual, devoid of all moral worth (see post).

But I have now discovered that the reason he cancelled dozens of appointments and went missing during the last 2 months of his tenure with Police Scotland (when his force was facing unparalleled criticism and really needed leadership) is because he was busy selling his Helensburgh house and setting up his own private company, Sarantium Solutions, at his £1.3m London property.

Of course he did all this while still pocketing his £208,000 as chief constable of Scotland.

So let me here and now apologise to Sir Stephen for calling him a menace in a uniform and a pathetic individual devoid of all moral worth.

I'd like to amend that to a greedy, money grabbing menace in a uniform and pathetic individual devoid of all moral worth.

Glad I've cleared that up now.