Monday 1 February 2016

101 or 999

A new Police Scotland campaign has been launched to educate the public on when they should dial 999 and when they should dial 101.

For those who don't already know, 999 is for emergencies, 101 is for non emergencies.

While they're at it, perhaps untrustworthy Police Scotland could advise how long they anticipate it'll take them to answer the phone when we dial 999 and 101, and when they do answer, how long it'll take officers on the ground to respond.

Now that would be really useful.

Months ago I called 101 and reported kids throwing stones off a bridge on the M8 Glasgow motorway and hitting windscreens of vehicles travelling at 70mph. The call was answered in a few seconds so that was good.

However months later I still haven't heard whether police actually responded to the incident.

I wonder how many broken windscreens or serious accidents have happened there since?

What good is it telling the public where and when to call Police Scotland if they're not going to bother responding to us when we do call them?