Friday 29 January 2016

The Scottish Police Federation Are Confused

Here we go again. The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) are moaning again. Isn't it about time they just shut up and told their members (the officers of Police Scotland) to get on with the job.

This time they're harping on about Police Scotland's counter-corruption unit (CCU) treating officers badly who are under investigation.

According to The Scottish Police Federation the CCU operate in a "grey area" in regards to criminality and misconduct with what the SPF call "scant regard for the rules of fairness or proportionality" when dealing with officers of Police Scotland under investigation.

So let me educate the Scottish Police Federation on the differences in this 'grey area' between criminality and misconduct that they don't seem to understand.

Criminality is when a Police Scotland officer breaks the law and should be drummed out of the force and sitting behind bars.

Misconduct is where a Police Scotland officer breaks the law but never gets to see the inside of a court of law never mind a jail cell - and is allowed to resign or retire 'quietly' while walking away with a full pension and benefits, thank you very much.

Yeah, as if you didn't know SPF.