Saturday 2 January 2016

Tayside Police Get Away With Committing Crimes

When faced with allegations of criminality, Police Scotland investigate themselves via their own Professional Standards Department.

There have been dozens of allegations against police in Tayside's drug squad, so it'll be no surprise to anyone to learn that, as usual, they investigated themselves.

And there's some good news for the public - the allegations have been upheld.

What may be a surprise to you though is that after spending 3 years and more than £1 Million looking in to these criminal complaints against Tayside's drugs squad no criminality was found.

Although dozens of the claims have been upheld they have been dealt with as matters of misconduct by Police Scotland rather than criminality.

So yet again criminal officers from untrustworthy Police Scotland get away with committing crimes.

If you or I were to act criminally we would be in the dock, in a court of law, faster than you can say 'ello ello ello'.

But when it's 'one of their own' in Police Scotland who is the criminal, it's a different matter.