Sunday 31 January 2016

Police Scotland Creep

Police Scotland have already tried to pull the wool over our eyes regarding the closure of their Aberdeen control room.

Despite trying to mesmerise us with sleight of hand and smoke and mirrors regarding Aberdeen, we were clearly promised that there would be no reduction in the quality of police services if Aberdeen closed.

Many people believed them.

I didn't.

I can tell when Police Scotland are telling lies - their lips move.

So it's no surprise to me that no sooner have they confirmed that the Dundee control room will take over the handling of emergency responses in the north, we discover that the Dundee control room will not take calls from the public.

Lewis Macdonald MSP isn't happy that untrustworthy Police Scotland didn't make it clear to us that all public calls would go to Bilston Glen, Motherwell and Govan.

Neither am I.

We were led to believe that if Aberdeen closed Dundee would take over.

In military circles they call this mission creep - it's where they get us used to an idea that a particular thing is going to happen in a specific way but then start to push the envelope a little bit further and a little bit further until eventually it bears little resemblance to how we were originally sold the idea.

Hey, at least we have a new word for this years Oxford dictionary - Police Scotland creep.

Mind you many officers in Police Scotland have been known by that moniker for years.