Sunday 10 January 2016

Phone The Police - Get A Plumber

Police Scotland set up a redirect on their phone lines over the festive season...and redirected calls to the wrong number by mistake.

A wee guy from Aberdeen ended up answering calls meant for Police Scotland.

Normally I would be quick to criticise police for this. But, for all the good making a call to Police Scotland does these days, hey, you might as well call a member of the public rather than the police.

And after the M9 fiasco a member of the public may be a far more responsible person to call in a time of emergency than Police Scotland.

I'm sure a member of the public answering the phone would have rushed to help as soon they received the call to say a car was in a ditch on the M9 - as opposed to Police Scotland who ignored the call for 3 days and 2 people died because of it.