Wednesday 6 January 2016

Phil Gets The Excuses In Early

OK, so we've sworn in the new chief constable Phil 'Gormless'.

And what's the first thing he does?

Talks about getting tough on crime?

Talks about restoring public trust?


The first thing he does is warns us that Police Scotland will face continued cut backs.

So let me translate.

What the new top cop is really doing is setting out his stall to protect himself from the criticism he will face when he fails.

You see when things at untrustworthy Police Scotland go pear shaped - and mark my words, they will -  Uncle Phil will refer us back to his statement on his first day in the job and tell us "see, it's not my fault, I told you, it's all these cutbacks that are to blame".

Preparing pathetic excuses in expectation of failure is engrained in to the culture of Police Scotland and their buddies at the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service. It's one of the the things they do extremely well.

Expertise in the area of self protection, cover-ups,  and deflecting criticism is par for the course when dealing with self-serving organisations like Police Scotland and COPFS. No surprise there.

But when we see a brand new chief constable pile on the body armour from the very first statement he makes on the very first day in the job, you just know the direction Police Scotland are headed.

It's not looking good.