Sunday 3 January 2016

Get Back To Community Policing

The Scottish green party raise an important point about community policing. They say Police Scotland should abandon this idea of a centralised Police force and resources (see )

I agree.

The centralisation of Police Scotland and it's resources has been a disaster for the public of Scotland.

It's a failed experiment that went wrong.

But like all failed experiments that go wrong, untrustworthy Police Scotland would rather stick with the disaster rather than admit they got it all so very wrong.

No change there for Police Scotland then eh.

The Greens rightly argue that the various communities around Scotland are very different so they need to be Policed differently.

They are correct.

So why do Police Scotland prefer to centralise everything rather than cater to the individual members of the public in their very individual communities?

The answer is in Police Scotland's priority for self-protection. They police for their own benefit rather than ours.

By centralising policing under the one large Police Scotland banner they can focus on making as many arrests and issuing as many tickets and charges to members of the public as possible instead of solving crime. The sheer volume of bulk centralised data will swamp any criticism they might face from a local level (think along the lines of a question like 'why didn't you catch the thieves who burgled two houses in my street' and the Police answer 'we solved hundreds of burglaries in Scotland last year').

It doesn't really matter to police whether someone is guilty or innocent, as long as the official 'figures' can show lots of charges, detentions, arrests etc. They can then counter any argument that they may not be doing a good job.

It's all about falsifying figures.

It's a sad day when policing entirely consists of hitting targets and deflecting any criticism that may come their way.

But in a self-serving organisation like untrustworthy Police Scotland that's just the way it is.

Meanwhile communities suffer.

If, one day, a Police Scotland speed camera 'zaps' 99 people doing 35mph in a 30mph zone they've solved 99 crimes and charged 99 criminals. If on that same day one house gets burgled and they don't catch the burglar they've got one unsolved crime.

That gives them a 99% success rate.

You see, it's all about fiddling the figures and not about our safety.

Shame on them.