Wednesday 6 January 2016

Don't Retrain Police - Sack Them

Police are to be 'retrained' in data protection laws as a result of 'errors' that were made in snooping cases.

Give me a moment while I adjust the zip that fastens up the back of my head.

Listen up readers. Untrustworthy Police Scotland spied on us without proper legal authority to do it because they thought they could get away with it. No more, no less.

These Police Scotland rogues should be sacked and behind bars, not retrained..

There were no 'errors'.

There were no 'incorrect interpretations' of laws.

This was pure and simply criminal Police officers committing crimes because they are Police officers and they can get away with it, full stop.

Next time you get arrested for a crime try telling the judge you made an 'error', you simply 'misinterpreted' the law and just need a wee bit of 'retraining'.

Let me know how you get on...