Wednesday 27 January 2016

Corrupt Lord Advocate Refuses Private Prosecution

Corrupt Lord Advocate Frank 'I'm anything but frank' Mulholland has announced his latest decision today - he is refusing to allow the families of six dead people to make a private prosecution against the man who killed them.

I told you he'd do this. Just go look at ALL my previous posts about this case.

Good, honest, decent folks who have been following this story will struggle to understand why the Frankie boy (pictured right) and his motley crew at the Crown office are so hell-bent on letting a killer go free, especially when we, the public, entrust the Crown office to prosecute the bad guys? And make no mistake, this guy is a bad guy - he lied to get a job driving a bin lorry that killed six people. If he hadn't lied, he wouldn't have got the job, he wouldn't have been driving that day, and six people wouldn't be dead.

With the Lord Advocates decision today the story becomes even more bizarre.

Now, we all know that the Crown office, as a prosecuting body, decided a long, long time ago not to pursue the killer - that's already set in stone. The Crown are not going to prosecute the bin lorry driver nor are they going to change their mind. Period.

Therefore all the families asked Mr Mulholland to do today was give them permission to pursue a prosecution against the killer. It's a reasonable request. If you're not gonna prosecute the bad guys Mr Mulholland, then let us do it. 

But today the corrupt Lord Advocate gave them his answer - and he is refusing to let the families pursue their own prosecution. (As an aside, it is incredulous that Scottish law demands that you need the permission of the Lord Advocate for a private prosecution - especially when he is the very person who refused to prosecute in the first place. Conflict of interest? Work that one out!)

The best way to describe this situation is like a cancer doctor refusing to give you a life-saving drug because it costs too much. Then when you tell the doctor you'll pay for it yourself that same doctor blocks you from buying it - just in case it saves your life and ends up embarrassing him. So you die.

By now you'll be wondering why Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland would want to purposely stand in the way of anyone else from prosecuting the bin lorry driver, especially when he has already stated that he's taken himself out the equation and doesn't want to do it?

For the answer to this we need to go back to the meeting that was held the day after the fatal crash where the Crown office, Police Scotland, and the Health and Safety Executive cosied up together and decided to treat the bin lorry tragedy as a road traffic accident rather than a health and safety matter.

By doing so, Glasgow Crooked City Council was immediately let off the hook for employing the driver and not doing full background checks before giving him the job. Crucially, the families would not be able to sue Glasgow City Council for their loss if it was deemed to be a road traffic accident (whereas if it had been a health and safety matter the Council would have been responsible for employing him).

Protecting Glasgow City Council from being sued is what this has always been about. I have never strayed from this opinion since day one and I have openly stated it on this blog and in other publications I write for. Each and every new twist and turn to this story confirms I've been correct all along.

Glasgow City Council has a number of Councillors who hail from the justice system including but by no means restricted to ex Procurator Fiscals and ex Solicitors.

These same Glasgow City Councillors sit on the board of bodies such as the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) who decide police budgets etc.

Glasgow City Council legislate for, and on behalf of, the Health and Safety Executive.

See the connections now?

Is if that's not enough, Glasgow City Council are allowed to issue and enforce fines and their fines have the same legal clout just as if a Sheriff in a Sheriff court had issued them - so Glasgow City Council can find members of the public guilty and fine them without you ever being allowed to defend yourself in a court of law. This alone completely flies in the face of any sort of democratic society and breaches every human rights law in the world!

And I haven't even started wading in to the murky waters of RIPA (The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) which gives Glasgow City Council the authority to use surveillance, investigation, and the interception of communications to spy on you.

Didn't know all that did you eh?

When it comes to Glasgow City Council, Police Scotland, The Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service, and the Health & Safety Executive, the term 'thick as thieves' doesn't even start to describe the connections between these self-serving corrupt organisations who shamelessly claim to work in our name and for our benefit.

So now you know why corrupt Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland has not only decided he won't prosecute the bin lorry driver, but won't allow anyone to prosecute the bin lorry driver.

Mark my words, once the dust has settled the councillors in Glasgow City Council will have a wee whisper in the ears of their MSP colleagues in the Scottish Parliament - and the Frankie boy will be given a nice 'thankyou' for protecting Glasgow City Council. Watch this space - in a few years time when they think this has all been forgotten by the public, it'll be 'arise Sir Frank' or some similar honour. Guaranteed.

That's how it works.

And now you know why solicitors, procurator fiscals, professional people, wealthy businessmen et al are falling over themselves to give up lucrative careers to earn a lot less as a councillor for Glasgow City Council. They know that's where the real power lies. And with that power, the riches (including the riches that money can't buy) will soon follow.

Six people died and Glasgow City Council don't have to pay a penny in compensation to the families.

In the callous crooked world of Glasgow City Council that's seen as a good result.

The power and connections that accompany being part of a local authority like Glasgow City Council allows these charlatan councillors to circumvent the law and get away with murder - literally.