Saturday 23 January 2016

A Turf War I'm Happy To See


A new turf war is breaking out in Scotland.

No, it's not between crime lords and drug dealers who bring so much misery to the good people of Scotland.

It's between another two organisations who are equally well known for bringing misery to the good people of Scotland - the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) and Police Scotland.

It turns out that the chair of the SPA Andrew Flanagan is using the appointment of the new chief constable, Englishman Phil 'Gormless', to slap down and score political points against existing Scottish senior officers who feel that the SPA conspicuously overlooked them when choosing a new top cop.

This is one turf war I'm happy to see.

It's good to know that the old umbilical cord between the SPA and Police Scotland has now been severed. Perhaps now previous SPA 'sooks' like Councillor Paul Rooney and Bailie Philip Braat who's incestuous connections to Police Scotland resulted in innocent members of the public suffering due to their vindictiveness may now be at an end.

I'm glad that the love affair between the bungling SPA and untrustworthy Police Scotland is finally over and it fills me with delight to see their divorce is getting very messy.

Let the blood-bath commence!

If anybody wants me I'll be standing at the ringside cheering on both the SPA and Police Scotland - while they slaughter each other.

For me, it just doesn't get any better than this.