Sunday 27 December 2015

Why Bother? The Crown Office Will Just Ignore The New FAI Law

The new 'modernised' Fatal Accident Enquiry law which has been passed by the Scottish Parliament contains a 'family liaison charter'.

The idea is that the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service will now keep bereaved families fully informed of how they are progressing during investigations in to FAI's, including whether criminal proceedings will be taken against anyone.

In reality, and from my experience of the corrupt Crown office, it will make little difference to the way the Crown Office conduct themselves in FAI's.

In the bin lorry tragedy the families of the 6 innocent people who died got no justice because the Crown office decided to do nothing and deny them justice. This new law will only make the crown office keep the families informed regularly that they're going to do nothing and deny them justice.

Big deal.

And don't be surprised if Procurator Fiscal David Green gets the job heading up the family liaison department.

Don't laugh, the corrupt Crown office really are that arrogant.