Monday 21 December 2015

Want Justice? How Much Money You Got?

Getting justice in Scotland has always come down to money.

It always has and it always will.

The Crown office were accused last week of failing to act in the case of alleged abuser Fr Denis Chrysostom Alexander who for some strange reason the Crown would not attempt to extradite from Australia to face trial in Scotland.

But no sooner had the BBC pulled the Crown office up for dragging its heels over the case last week, the Crown changed direction and said they would now be seeking Fr Denis Chrysostom Alexander's extradition.

Just shows what the threat of a little bad publicity on the telly can do to shake up the corrupt Crown office.

But let's look a little deeper and see WHY the Crown office dragged their heels and did not extradite this man to face justice here in Scotland.

And we find the answer

The Crown did not want to spend the money getting him extradited from Australia.

Had he been living up a close in Maryhill you can bet your bottom dollar he'd have been in court long ago.

And since the Crown office are not accountable to anyone (well, no-one who has any actual power to do anything about the rogue decisions they take) the Crown can do whatever they like.

I had a similar experience a couple of years ago when there had been an attempted assault on me by a horrible wee ned who was on holiday here in Scotland but lives in Australia. The low-life individual should have been a witness at a subsequent court case in which he was to be examined about, among other things, his attempted assault on me. But the Procurator Fiscal refused to cite him because he was back in Australia by the time the court case came around. Put simply, it would cost too much money.

Fortunately I won my case...and I was able to win it without the piece of scum having to appear. The coward was able to continue to hide away in Australia (best place for him). However it just shows how money plays a part in the justice the Crown office are willing to allow you.

Justice should never be deprived to someone because the Crown decide they don't want to spend the money. God knows Procurator Fiscals squander enough every day trying to prosecute innocents who they know should never be in court in the first place - just so they can save face and don't have to admit they got cases wrong.

Justice should never be dependant on how much money you, as a defendant, have in your pocket either. But it is.

If you walk in to any court in Scotland on any day of the week you'll see the poorest and the most vulnerable in our society sitting in the dock. There are so many jeans, tees, trackies and scrunchies in the dock you could easily be forgiven for thinking that middle-class, wealthy, and well educated people don't commit crime.

The reason for this is because the Crown office specifically target the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society.

It's hard work for a Procurator Fiscal to get a conviction against an innocent person who has the education to defend himself or the money to employ a good solicitor.

It's far easier for the Crown to put an innocent poor or vulnerable person behind bars.

And that's why they do it. Every day.

Poor and vulnerable people rarely understand the legal system and are usually overwhelmed by what's going on at a court trial. They are easy targets to the Procurator Fiscal - just like motorists are easy targets for the Police.

Police can easily issue 100 tickets to motorists in the time it would take them to catch one burglar. That's why you get 3 points on your licence but they never catch the guy who broke in to your house.

Similarly the Procurator Fiscals can easily get 100 poor and vulnerable people convicted in the time it would take to conduct one trial against a middle-class, wealthy, educated person who pleads not-guilty and stands up for his rights. That's why our courts and jails are full of the poorest and most vulnerable in society while the real criminals go free.

The moral of the story?

If you want to evade justice, skip off to somewhere far away. It'll cost too much for the Crown office to bring you back.

And if you're a victim of crime and looking to the corrupt Crown office to give you justice against someone who's skipped off somewhere far away, well, you better keep your fingers crossed that a television station or a newspaper is around to help twist the Crown's arm.

Because without that, the Crown won't do what's in the interest of justice or what's in the interest of the public.

The Crown will only ever do what's in their own interest.