Wednesday 30 December 2015

The Brain Drain

There's good news for untrustworthy Police Scotland. They will be pleased to know that for once I am not going to make comment on their latest actions. The bad news for them is I don't have to - because my army of readers are about to do it for themselves on this occasion.

Here's the story.

Tayside police have had a brainwave. I'm not sure which particular police officer in Tayside is the one with the brain but, anyway, here's his brainwave.

Faced with not enough police in call centres to answer the public when they call police for help, some brilliant brainiac at Tayside has found a way to solve the problem.

They've decided to take coppers off the beat and put them in the control rooms to answer calls.

This is the part in the post where I would normally ask how they are going to be able to respond to calls for help if all the patrol coppers are busy answering the phones? But I know you, dear reader, were already waaaaaayy ahead of me by the end of the last paragraph.