Thursday 3 December 2015

Police Scotland employee paedophile

An IT support officer in Police Scotland has been caught abusing his position so that he could get confidential details about vulnerable children in care.

Barry Rankine, 32, had what is described as a hoard of indecent photographs of children and "extreme pornographic images".

What a disgusting individual.

Even more disgusting is that untrustworthy Police Scotland employed this piece of garbage in the first place.

What sort of screening process and background checks do Police Scotland conduct before employing these people who then have access to very private and confidential data?

If an innocent man finds himself on the wrong side of a Police Scotland vendetta against him (as I did), you can bet your bottom dollar that the crooked cops will use every single resource at their disposal to try and pervert the course of justice. Police will do everything it takes to get a conviction against an innocent member of the public and they don't mind lying to do it either.

Perhaps if they used just a fraction of those resources to do a bit of a check on paedophiles before they welcome them in to Police Scotland with open arms our society would be a bit better off...