Sunday 6 December 2015

Police Call Lights Out In The Northern Lights

The northern lights of old Aberdeen are being switched off. Well, in the Police Scotland 101 call centre at Bucksburn anyway.

Yet this is despite untrustworthy Police Scotland publicly saying they would postpone the closure.

The report in to the M9 tragedy recommended there should be a halt to Police call centre closures.

Deputy chief constable Rose Fitzpatrick publicly agreed to all the recommendations of the report.

But we've discovered that redundancy interviews are still taking place at Bucksburn. Why would they be doing that if they're not closing?

Police Scotland wouldn't be telling us porkys again now would they?

Time for a singsong:

When I was a lad a tiny wee lad
Two coppers said to me
We Police the northern lights my boy
Call 101 and see

But they cops turned out to be chancers
They told me a big porky pie

I'll never forget the redundancy plight
When they closed the Bucksburn site

(All together now)

The Northern lights of old Aberdeen…
la la la la..