Wednesday 9 December 2015

Incompetent Police Scotland Shoot The Messenger

Drugs are the scourge of our society and have been for many years. The problem continues to get worse.

Readers of this blog will know that I am a non drinker and I am anti drugs. All drugs.

There is no easy solution to our country's drug problem and all attempts to eradicate them in our society have failed.

Unfortunately I don't have the answer.

At the most basic level, the problem we face is that many people enjoy taking drugs and have done since time in memorial. What they don't realise until it's too late is that even so-called soft drugs are addictive.

The only solution our Government has really come up with so far is to attempt to limit and control the taking of drugs by members of the public by making them illegal. It's certainly a start and it does show drug users that in our society we view drug taking as a bad thing. At least it sends the right message.

So when a pub or nightclub owner finds drugs on their premises or sees patrons taking drugs on their premises he should call Police Scotland. The police can then attend, hopefully find out where the drugs are coming from, find out who is supplying them, and arrest the dealers. They can also perhaps point the drug taker to the various organisations where they can get advice and help for their addiction. Sounds good.

Except this isn't what happens.

Instead, Police Scotland use any reports of drugs on pub or club premises AGAINST the owner to try and close their premises down.

So pubs and clubs don't bother to inform untrustworthy Police Scotland when they find drugs.

You'd almost think Police Scotland had a vested interest in NOT eradicating drug use!

The Scottish Licensing Trade Association have voiced concern over the 'strained' relationship Police Scotland now have with pubs and clubs.

They are quite correct.

Another case where Police shoot the messenger.