Monday 21 December 2015

Hey SPA, Where's Our £21 Million?

The idiots at the Scottish Police Authority have lost £21 Million.

I don't mean they've overspent and their balance sheet is showing them to be £21 Million down. I mean they've actually lost £21 Million - they don't know what they've done with it.

And it's OUR money.

Everything was supposedly going swimmingly well until Audit Scotland walked in and took a look at their accounts.

Audit Scotland were shocked to the core at the state of their books and have said they have never seen such “incomplete” and “poor quality” accounts from a public body.

Pretty damning stuff.

It's not surprising to me though, especially if you go down the list of board members.

You'll find that there's a councillor Paul Rooney on the board of the Scottish Police Authority who just happens to also be the chairman of the £11.4 Billion (yes, that's right, I said Billion) Strathclyde Pension Fund.

The Strathclyde Pension Fund accounts have been a mess for years.

One person not named on the SPA board but is a previous SPA chairman is Bailie Philip Braat.

He was also a convener of the Strathclyde Pension Fund.

So with such poor quality board members and chairmen over the years, it's little surprise to me that the bumbling Scottish Police Authority have lost £21 Million.

These jobsworths couldn't run a booze-up in a brewery.

(I cleaned that phrase up by the way).