Wednesday 2 December 2015

Glasgow City Council Liars

Following on from yesterdays bin lorry scandal where we saw a number of pictures of a 12-tonne bin lorry back on the streets of Glasgow city centre at peak time, the Scottish Sun have challenged Glasgow Crooked Council, oops, sorry, Glasgow City Council over the pictures.

The pics show a large 12-tonne bin lorry, the registration plate and livery are visible, it belongs to Glasgow City Council, it's pictured on a pedestrian precinct, a bin crew are working and emptying bins, it's between 8 and 9 in the morning, there are pedestrians around.

Pretty conclusive stuff.

So have Glasgow City Council held their hands up and admitted to it?

Not a chance!

Even when presented with the damning pictures Glasgow City Council still deny they've done anything wrong.

First they tried to claim that the bin lorry pictured was exempt because of its size and was therefore permitted to be in the city centre at that time.

But when the newspaper reminded Glasgow City Council of their own court evidence that they only use smaller trucks with a cage at the back at this time in the morning, Glasgow City Council quickly changed their story and claimed that they are carrying out a 'new type of trial' of smaller refuse collection vehicles.

It just so happens there is no record anywhere of Glasgow City Council actually telling anyone about this surprise 'new type of trial'!

Talk about back-tracking!

How stupid do Glasgow City Council think we are?

They're making it up as they go along.

Glasgow City Council are liars and they've been caught out.

For God's sake Glasgow City Council, have some compassion and decency and hold your hands up. You've been caught red-handed. Just try to be honest for once in your miserable life. Surely you owe that much to the six innocent people who lost their lives.

Douglas Gellan is the land and environmental services area manager. In court at the Fatal Accident Enquiry he stated very clearly to Sheriff John Beckett that large lorries would only do collections on pedestrian precincts from 12am to 5am and 7am to 8am. Mr Gellan stated that outwith these hours Glasgow City Council would use a smaller truck with a cage at the back.

Take a look at yesterdays pictures (below) of a Glasgow City Council vehicle, on a pedestrian precinct, in Glasgow city centre, at just after 8 in the morning.

Do you see a 'small truck with a cage at the back'?

No, neither do I.

Maybe Glasgow City Council thinks we're all blind as well as mugs.