Thursday 31 December 2015

Getting An Arrest Is More Important Than Saving A Life

Ian Louden died in police custody.

The officers who arrested him knew he was unwell but rather than take him to hospital where he should have been, they locked him up in a cell. All he was allowed was a 2 minute check over by a police duty doctor - and then locked back up in a cell again.

Target based policing is to blame.

It was more important to Police Scotland to hit their arrests target for that night. So Ian Louden was taken to the cells rather than to a hospital.

Ian Louden died in police custody.

At the fatal accident inquiry at Glasgow Sheriff Court, Sheriff Andrew Normand ruled his death could have been avoided if police had taken him to hospital.

Is there anyone out there who still thinks Police Scotland work for our benefit and not their own?




Didn't think so.