Thursday 10 December 2015

Even The Anti Corruption Police In Scotland Are Corrupt

A Scottish policeman has spilled the beans on the Police Scotland anti corruption unit.

PC Andrew Reid had to endure his own colleagues in Police Scotland's anti corruption unit investigating him and at the end of it he was charged with data breaches.

The problem is, PC Andrew Reid was innocent.

In fact, he was better than innocent - the judge threw the case out saying there was 'no case to answer'. He shouldn't have been in court in the first place.

So why would untrustworthy Police Scotland spend £500,000 going after a good honest copper in the force who had done nothing wrong?

Well, Andrew Reid can answer that question. He knows exactly what's wrong with Police Scotland and their anti corruption unit and the way they operate. But they won't ask him.

According to the former constable, it would blow the lid off the way Police Scotland treat good decent honest coppers and they don't want to hear it. It would be a very inconvenient truth for the crooked coppers in the Police anti corruption unit.

Police Scotland throw hundreds of thousands of pounds of OUR money at investigations and bringing charges that should never have seen the light of day against innocent people. You see, after they've invested a few quid in getting charges brought against an innocent person, it's easier for them and the Crown office to just keep going rather than stopping, realising they've got it all so wrong, and dropping the charges. It means they don't have to admit they messed up.

Innocent people have their lives turned upside down and millions of pounds of taxpayers money (our money) get's wasted every year - just so that incompetent Police Scotland and their cronies at the Crown office can save face.

More proof if ever it were needed that untrustworthy Police Scotland exist for their own benefit rather than ours.