Friday 25 December 2015

Cops Will Confiscate And Sell Your Car - But Only If It's A Nice One

Chris Stewart from Glasgow owns - or rather, used to own - a lovely black 1 series BMW.

Unfortunately the car developed engine problems while on Glasgow's M8 motorway so he did what any of us would do. He nursed it off of the M8 until it finally died on a slip road just off the busy motorway.

He then left a note for the Police to let them know that it wasn't a stolen or abandoned car or anything like that - it was his car, he had just broken down.

Police had the car picked up by a recovery/breakdown firm and told Chris that as soon as they checked the vehicle out with DVLA to make sure it belonged to him (a standard procedure) he could have it back.

Except instead of doing that, they sold it.

No doubt someone connected to Police Scotland got themselves a lovely new motor.

I bet this would never have happened if Chris had left Police to tow away an old banger rather than a nice tasty wee Beemer.

I used to live in Spain many years ago. The Spanish police were well known for their corruption. They didn't even bother to try and hide it.

It was common knowledge amongst British ex-patriots that if you had a nice car, the Spanish police would do everything they could to find any excuse to seize your car and then sell it at auction - usually to the chief of Police or one of his family.

I remember the wife of our local Police boss used to drive around in a gorgeous white Volkswagen Golf GTI that once belonged to an English friend of mine. It was seized 6 months and a day after he brought it in to the country. After 6 months a foreign vehicle must be exported and re-imported or changed to Spanish plates. He did things correctly but Traffico (the DVLA of Spain) misplaced his paperwork, delaying the plate change, and he missed the date by one day.

And so Mrs Rodriguez got a nice new Golf GTI.


Of course that was years ago and it happened in Spain where corruption in the Police is rife.

It couldn't happen here could it?