Thursday 3 December 2015

Break Out The Hawaiin Tropic

Ever dreamed of living in Hawaii?

Imagine lazing in a hammock all day on Waikiki beach, a garland around your neck, and drinking pina coladas.

Just the thought of it on a chilly Scottish December morning fills you with warmth doesn't it?

It sounds wonderful - as long as you don't bank with First Hawaiin bank and happen to check your balance that is.

Seems customers of First Hawaiin Bank got a bit of a shock this week when they checked their balances and found it showed them to be billions - and sometimes trillions - of dollars in debt.

Of course there was nothing to worry about - it was simply a computer glitch which wrongly showed their accounts to be billions in the red.

I wonder if the Scottish banks use that same computer system?

Because I checked my bank account here in Glasgow this morning and…