Friday 18 December 2015

5 Weeks Without A Chief Constable

Sir Stephen 'I've got an ego as big as a' House left his post on December 1st 2015 but the new chief constable Phil 'Gormless' doesn't take over until 5th January 2016.

That means Scotland will be without a chief constable for 5 weeks.

Questions have rightly been asked as to whether the thousands of traffic tickets - that our boys in blue like to give out like sweeties - will be valid?

Charges are usually brought in the name of the chief constable so how can the chief constable take you to court if there is no chief constable?

Don't worry though. I'm sure untrustworthy Police Scotland will find a sneaky way around this dilemma. A silly thing like having to adhere to 'the law' has never stopped Police Scotland before.

Rest assured Police Scotland are not about to kill their favourite cash cow, even if it's only for 5 weeks.

I'm also sure we'll get along just fine without a chief constable for 5 weeks.

Just a pity we couldn't have done without that menace-in-a-uniform Stephen House for the 8 years we had to suffer him.