Sunday 22 November 2015

They Want To Hide Their Corruption From You

On Friday evening the Westminster government ended the time limit for evidence to be submitted to them regarding whether the freedom of information act should be changed.

The strangest thing about this is that the freedom of information act has already been reviewed and has been decided on...3 years ago!

So why review it again I hear you ask?

Simple. The government didn't like what we, the people, decided regarding freedom of information so they are going to continue to review it and ask us about it over and over again until they get the answer they want.

The members of this new commission they've set up to review the FOIA makes worrying reading too. It includes Jack Straw (who has been a vocal critic of the FOIA), Lord Howard (who suffered embarrassment when the FOIA exposed his expenses), and Lord Carlile (an admitted defender of secret justice in non transparent courts).

This motley crew are anything but impartial. Don't let these charlatans destroy our freedom of information act.

Just for the record here's a list of things we would NOT have found out about if it hadn't been for the FOIA:

MPs’ expenses

Incineration of foetuses

Unlawful Stop and Search

Care home residents dying of thirst

Police use of tasers on children

Degrading treatment of detained migrants

Cyril Smith police investigation

Dangerous deportation practices

If we let Westminster mess around with the freedom of information act they will alter it to stop us from keeping them honest.

We must be able to hold our public bodies to account.

The FOIA does not need watering down, especially from politicians who have much to hide and much to fear from the public accessing freedom of information.

The FOIA has already been thoroughly examined (back in 2012) and needs to be protected from these Westminster vultures.