Wednesday 25 November 2015

Police Try To Smear Sheku Bayoh

In an all too familiar scene, untrustworthy Police Scotland have tried to smear Sheku Bayoh.

It's the usual Police Scotland tactics where they launch a smear campaign against innocent members of the public in an attempt to divert attention away from criticism aimed towards them. We have become used to seeing this from them all too often.

As per normal, the Police Scotland mafia have closed ranks and gone in to overdrive with a string of anonymous 'leaks', specially cherry picked to suit themselves of course. There has also been the usual tirade of innuendo from 'unnamed' officers. All trying to criminalise an innocent man.

What they would prefer you not to know though is that PC Nicole Short, the officer who felt it necessary to use her baton on Sheku Bayoh despite, we are told, up to 9 other officers also being involved in detaining him, is alleged to have misused the Police Crimefile system and the Scottish Intelligence Database for, let's just say, non-policing purposes. Oh dear. 

They'd also prefer you not to know that relatives of PC Alan Paton, who have exposed him as a racist with a history of violence, say he pushed and knocked his own mother unconscious and 'kicked lumps' out of his father, leaving him with a badly bruised jaw and damaged ribs. Sounds like a charming guy and just the type you'd want in Police Scotland right?!

And that's only what we've found out about just 2 out of the 9 officers involved.

Between little Miss Baton Rouge and her buddy PC Alan 'I hate all blacks' Paton it seems untrustworthy Police Scotland are having more than just a few teeny weeny internal problems with this case.

So it's little wonder they've resorted to a tacky smear campaign against Sheku Bayoh, an innocent man.