Monday 30 November 2015

Police call centre workers accessing confidential information

Police Scotland are like any other organisation in as much as they have a range of officers in their ranks with varying degrees of responsibility.

This ranges from big boys like the highly trained anti-terrorist officer who will stop you with his loaded machine gun to the humble 'beat' copper who will stop you for being drunk in charge of a fish supper.

Further down the list is the Police call centre handlers.

They are pretty much bottom of the food chain as far as Police employees go although it must be stressed that we still rely on them to do an absolutely essential and important job. The M9 tragedy showed us just how disastrous even the simplest failings at their level can be.

The problem is when lower level employees have access to highly confidential information about you and I.

The Scotsman newspaper has reported that a call centre handler has been charged with making false accusations against someone she knows and accessing Police records to do it.

Not only have Police Scotland's call centres been recently shown to be an abject failure, their screening of employees is now exposed as being severely lacking too.

It's a mess, but don't expect untrustworthy Police Scotland to clean it up any time soon.