Thursday 19 November 2015

£100 Fine For Doing 71mph In A 70mph Limit

How do you feel about being fined £100 for doing 71mph in a 70mph zone with no discretion?

Any imbecile can tell you that an extra 1 mph over the limit is not going to make any difference at all when it comes to safety. So why do Police want to hit you with a £100 fine when you go 1 mph over the limit if it makes no difference to safety?

The answer is by getting £100 off as many drivers as possible Police can use your money to provide extra funding for their local force.

If you've read this so far you probably think I'm making this up. After all, if this was true it would be a blatant admission by Police that the use of speed cameras to make money is far more important than using them to prevent accidents.

But it is true.

And it's disgraceful.

Olly Martin is the Police and crime commissioner for Bedfordshire. And he's after your money. He's clear about why he wants your money and he's clear about how he's gonna get it from you.

His scam to get £100 from each driver who wanders just 1mph over the limit will raise £1m per year which he says will give him enough money to fund 25 more Police officers.

You couldn't make it up - and I'm not: