Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Sexist, Testosterone Fuelled, Misogynist Thugs With Guns Roaming Our Streets

Imagine a woman finding herself face to face with a group of sexist, testosterone fuelled, misogynistic thugs? It's an awful thought.

Now imagine a woman finding herself face to face with a group of sexist, testosterone fuelled, misogynistic thugs armed with guns? That's a horrific thought.

So what if I told you that those sexist, testosterone fuelled, misogynistic thugs with guns were Police Scotland officers? That would be a truly disgraceful and unimaginable thought.

Yet it happened to former firearms officer Rhona Malone...and a tribunal has just agreed with her.

Worse still, the tribunal found that much of the evidence it heard from Police Scotland witnesses including testimony from high-ranking police officers and senior members of staff was NOT CREDIBLE. 

Yip, turns out Police Scotland are liars, and the liars go right to the top.

Who'd have thunk it!

In particular the tribunal found the evidence of Chief Supt Andrew McDowell "implausible" and the actions of Police Scotland official Alasdair Muir "neither honest nor reasonable".

Nuff said.

Of course, Police Scotland trotted out their standard template fake apology saying they would address the issues raised in the judgement "as a matter of urgency", but as per usual the apology only came AFTER Rhona took them to a tribunal and Police Scotland lost the case. 

All the way through this case and right to the bitter end Police Scotland lied and fought like the corrupt pond life they are to make this tribunal go their way. Disgusting.

So there you have it, a bunch of sexist, testosterone fuelled, misogynistic, thugs with guns - this is YOUR Police Scotland!

And they don't care about it one bit. 

Officers will lie and cover up for each other if anyone dares to criticise them, even senior officers.

Untrustworthy Police Scotland are rotten to the core.

Is anyone really surprised?

Friday, 10 September 2021

Chief Constable Iain Livingstone's Hollow Apology

Chief Constable, Iain Livingstone has apologised to the families of Lamara Bell and John Yuill. 

John and Lamara died in a crash on the M9 which was not investigated for three days despite being reported to police.

The apology from the Chief Constable comes more than six YEARS after the incident happened.

The apology also comes one DAY after Police Scotland were fined £100,000 by a court after admitting faults that "materially contributed" to Lamara's death.

If the Chief Constable had been truly sorry, why did he wait 6 years to apologise?

That's easy. He only apologised when the court ruled against his police force and fined them (by which I mean they fined you and I, the tax-payers because we pick up the £100k fine).

That to me is the epitome of a hollow apology.

Even the words the Chief Constable used are sickening and patronising:

"Lamara Bell and John Yuill’s deaths were a tragedy and my thoughts today are with their children, families and friends. The preservation of life and helping people who are in crisis go to the heart of our duty to keep people safe. Police Scotland failed Lamara and John in that duty, and for that I am sorry."

Let me translate that statement.

Police thoughts are NEVER with the children, family, and friends of those they've wronged. Police thoughts are always about how they can cover their own bahookies when things go belly-up. 

Rest assured there weren't too many 'thoughts' six years ago when it happened. These heart-felt 'thoughts' only surfaced after the court kicked Police Scotland's rear end over this fiasco.

As for the claims that 'the preservation of life and helping people who are in crisis go to the heart of police's duty to keep people safe', that's just the type of bluster and crap you'd expect from a cheap used car salesman. 

Anyone with a brain knows that policing today is far more interested in targeting the Scottish public to get as many arrests and charges as possible to make it appear like they're doing a great job keeping us all safe.

Just ask any motorist who's been at the receiving end of this shower of vindictive deadbeats.

Here's a perfect example of what I mean. When a woman is driving home late at night, alone, and sees a police car in her rear-view mirror does she feel safe, or does she feel anxious?

Nuff said.

So here we go again with untrustworthy Police Scotland. 

Just hollow apologies from hollow people who make hollow promises to the Scottish public and think we're stupid enough to believe them.

Monday, 30 August 2021

Police Scotland Pay To Hide Their Corruption From The Public

Police Scotland have paid out over £200,000 in NDA's in the last 2 years to their own officers. Why? Well, to buy their 'silence' it would seem.

Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA's) are usually nothing much to worry about. Many companies ask their workers to sign NDA's as part of the terms of their employment to prevent them 'disclosing' trade secrets. Similarly, some companies will often ask employees to sign an NDA about, say, a new product that's about to hit the market, so they can keep it under wraps until the big launch date.

But when we see a different type of organisation, an organisation like Police Scotland making their employees (ie Police officers) sign these non disclosure agreements AND pay them hundreds of thousands of £££'s to NOT reveal stuff, eyebrows must be raised. 

What are they trying to hide?

That's pretty obvious I would think. 

Untrustworthy Police Scotland are spending YOUR money to buy the silence of officers who they're scared stiff will spill the beans about what really goes on behind closed doors inside the police service.

Anyone with any experience of suing the Police (and I personally do) knows that when Police want you to sign an NDA it's because they've done something wrong. 

Moreover, if they'll actually PAY you to sign that NDA, then rest assured it's because they've done something very, very, very, very wrong which they don't want the public to find out about. 

An NDA to the Police is nothing more than a bribe to you to not tell anyone about their corruption and wrong-doing.

Of course they like to spin it a little differently. They prefer to push the (false) narrative that if the public were to find out how much wrong-doing exists within the corrupt Police Scotland organisation it would harm public confidence in the Police. 

What planet do these eejits live on? The Scottish public ALREADY have very little confidence in Police Scotland, sheeeez!

So basically here's how it all works:

1. Untrustworthy Police Scotland get caught being very naughty little Plods.

2. As part of the settlement they give to the poor bugger they stitched up, he must sign an NDA.

3. The Scottish public never get to know what naughty little PC Plods they've been. 

It's hush money, pure and simple.

But in this particular case it's worse. Much worse. 

Because in this case they have made their OWN officers sign these NDA's...and paid them more than £200k of taxpayers money to do it.

If that's not bribing your own Police officer colleagues to buy their silence I don't know what is.

Monday, 23 August 2021

Corruption In Police Scotland Just Cost YOU £6.3 million

Police Scotland have paid out £6.3m to former Rangers owner Charles Green for wrongful prosecution.

They arrested him was because they were running out of time to make a case against other people they had been investigating at the time. Making a “new” arrest and tying it to the other case gave them an extra 12 months extension for their other investigation.

That’s right folks, these disgusting low-life scum bags at untrustworthy Police Scotland arrested an innocent man just so they could buy some more time to extend an investigation in to another case. 

They were happy to destroy Charles Greens life, just so they could corruptly extend another investigation. 

This is your police force. This is Police Scotland. This is how they behave.

Now, if you’re just an average Joe, you have to take things like this on the chin. Corrupt police officers break rules and break laws to illegally stitch up innocent members of the public every day. The police know ordinary folks like you and I don’t have the funds to take them on and expose their corruption, so they make false arrests and malicious prosecutions against the Scottish public every day, all safe in the knowledge that you will never be able to afford to hold them to account for their corruption.

These bent coppers know fine well they’ll never get caught. They are the lowest form of pond life you’ll ever come across, and Police Scotland is riddled with these types, from the bottom to the very top.

So full kudos to Charles Green for taking these disgusting pieces of human garbage on and winning £6.3m from them.

Except the £6.3m didn't come from them. It didn’t cost Police Scotland. It cost YOU, the Scottish public. You, the tax payer, footed the £6.3m bill.

Meanwhile corrupt Police Scotland, rotten to the core, continues to vindictively pursue innocent members of the public as normal and with complete impunity. Because even when they get caught red-handed they still remain totally unaccountable. And boy don’t they know it.

No wonder all these bent coppers in Police Scotland are laughing at us, the Scottish public. 

They know they’re untouchable and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it.

Are Police Scotland Officers Racists?

Freedom Of Information requests have shown that 412 Police Scotland officers were subject to allegations of racism in the last 6 years.

The figures also show that the number of incidents have been rising in the last three years.

So how many out of the 412 officers do you think have been disciplined? 

Go on take a guess? 300? 200 maybe?

Nope. The number of officers disciplined was just 9.

Shocking eh?!

So how many out of the 412 officers do you think have been dismissed?

OK, I'll save you the guessing game. The answer is 0.

That's right, zero, zilch, none.

Out of the 412 officers who had allegations of racism made against them NONE have been dismissed and only NINE have been disciplined.

So...I suppose this must mean Police Scotland are not racist then?

Unless they investigated themselves that is...

(*Spoiler Alert...they did).

Friday, 20 August 2021

Why Are The COPFS Not Keen To Prosecute Lockdown Cases?

The Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service has dropped the case against celebrity rap music artist AB CJECK who was accused of breaching virus rules on house party's.

And I'm wondering why they dropped the case? Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Because my sources are telling me that this is happening an awful lot. The corrupt COPFS seem to be dropping an unusually high number of these cases.

Could it be connected to the fact that their counterparts, the CPS in England, have also been reluctant to prosecute these types of cases?

Could it be because the Supreme Court of Spain have recently ruled that virus lockdown laws were actually unlawful? Did the COPFS know that our lockdown laws were unlawful too and know they may have to reverse every case and refund every fine if and when the UK Supreme Court arrives at the same decision?

My sources tell me that the only cases of this type the COPFS are prosecuting are when other charges are present. So it appears to be that they've been adding virus charges to a list of pre-existing charges in the hope of getting a few convictions 'under the radar' so to speak.

I wonder if this all to do with legal precedent?  I wonder if the Crown Office are scared a precedent will be set if a lockdown breach charge gets to court and is thrown out? 

Surely the COPFS wouldn't con the Scottish public and squeeze money out of them from fines by threatening to prosecute them if they don't pay under a law they know is unlawful? 

Hmmmm, so many questions, and I'm still left wondering...wondering whether untrustworthy Police Scotland has been colluding with their buddies at the corrupt Crown Office to strong-arm the public in to paying fines for charges they know won't stand up in court?

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

704 Police Scotland Officers On Watchlist

Members of the public made a staggering 3603 complaints about the conduct of Police Scotland officers.

The complaints dating back to 2016 range from assault, corruption, discrimination, excessive force, rudeness, failing to follow procedures, neglect of duty, harassment, and traffic violations.

It seems the bad apples at untrustworthy Police Scotland have become so rotten that bosses have had to set up a a secret watchlist of over 700 ­officers who are the subject of repeated complaints about their conduct.

On the face of it you could say, hey, at least they're keeping these bad apples under a watchful eye. After all, Police Scotland do say that they "intervene timeously and take appropriate action to address issues and develop performance, reduce future complaints and improve service delivery to the public".

But what they DON'T tell you is that it's Police Scotland’s very own 'Professional Standards Unit' who are doing the watching and the investigating. 

That's right folks, they're investigating themselves (as usual).

They must truly think the Scottish public are stupid.

Don't hold your breath waiting for these complaints to be held up.